Audio Guide to Canary Islands

Enjoy Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera with our Audio Guide.

Audioguide to Canary with your car hire

Audio Guide to Canary Islands

Now you can enjoy the APP audio guide to Lanzarote (or another island) and a map of the island including a list of contents.


Audio Guide to Canary Islands

The audio guide to Canary Islands is an innovative service offered by Cabrera Medina to users of its rental car service at no additional charge.

By renting a vehicle from Grupo Cabrera Medina anywhere on the island, users will download the APP Audioguide, containing descriptions of places of tourist interest around the island.

While exploring the island, users can choose the track they wish to hear depending on the surrounding landscape or location they are visiting. The descriptions, read in English, provide information about the most interesting aspects of the location in question. The guide is accompanied by some gentle background music. The texts have been written by Mario Alberto Perdomo and the music has been selected or composed by Ildefonso Aguilar, who also designed the CD cover (concept, design and photograph).

To complement the audio guide, rental car users are provided with the standard map of the island offered by Grupo Cabrera Medina, which has been redesigned and updated for this purpose.

This initiative is aimed at trying to encourage a better understanding of Lanzarote (or another island) by highlighting the varied offer of leisure activities, both public and private, to be found on the island.

Furthermore, the audio guide offers some useful advice for rental car users to help us conserve the island.

Map and audioguide

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